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Welcome to The Indigo Onion!

I started this blog to start offering my crafting tutorials, my first official being, “Scribbles & Giggles” aka: marbleing with shaving cream.

I am all over the map with my crafting. I dabble in a lot, excel in some, and forget about a large amount of things I start. I can be a flake, just ask my husband about the $1000 embroidery machine I just had to have. In a year it has maybe seen 4 hours of use. (can you see my eyes rolling to the back of my head yet?)

So if you are like me, and need instant gratification with your crafting prowess, than stay tuned my first tutorial will be coming soon.

you can find my temporary tutorial for shaving cream dyeing at the following link

you will need large pan to presoak fabrics,soda ashglovesshaving cream (barbasol with aloe works best)procion dyescotton fabricflat pan to pour dye base. You can use large tote lids,  or  flat shallow pan that will acomodate the size piece you are working with.tall kitchen garbage bags


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